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Damien Jurado - Johnny Go Riding

Johnny let's go out riding
To a place outside of town
I go there every Sunday
To watch the sun go down

There's plenty of girls who know you
They've been asking where you've been
Johnny don't disappoint them
They'd all like to see you again

Willy I don't think I'm ready
To leave this house of mine
You go out and tell them
I'm not the social kind

Some men, they are lovers
Others, the fighting type
And me, I'm in the middle of
Choosing which one I'd like to be

Judy, she's out catching
Rides in passing cars
Memories of me and her
Have burned out like the stars

Me, I'm not disappointed
In knowing that she's free
Somewhere down the line I knew she'd
One day up and leave

Willy, forget your troubles
And lay back on the grass
There's no need to get nostalgic
Thinking about the past

What's gone is gone
What's here is now
She's standing by a fence
She's wearing a beautiful party dress
And wanting you to dance

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