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Dan Bern - True Revolutionaries

look mom
they're gonna fry tim mcvay
she said 'the nice guy who's on the cover of all those magazines?
why would they want to do a thing like that?'
I said cause he killed all those people
in oklahoma city
she said nonsense
people don't kill people..
carbombs kill people.
I said well yea mom but they gotta do something with him
she said why don't they just get mike tyson
to bite off both his ears
and I said

true revolutionaries
never bomb buildings.
true revolutionaries
never bomb buildings.
it attracts too much attention
they never bomb buildings

a little girl down my block was born
with siliconin her breasts
it turned out her grandma and her mother
both had the implants done well
evolution took care of it this time around
and I wondered what it is about
so many women with big breasts
make it look so sad and I thought well
maybe it has something to do with the weight
the burden there is to carry in the world
to have to feed it
to be the object of its desires and
I wondered what burdens the rest of us
are carrying all the time.

I couldn't help thinking
true revolutionaries
never bomb buildings.
it attracts too much attention
they never bomb buildings

I decided to go for a walk
and not do nothing except look everyone I see in the eyes
and not be the first one to avert my eyes
no matter what
and I was planning to be gone for 10 minutes
but things started happening and I didn't return for two years
by which time I was the heavyweight champion of the world
and the expectant father of 16 children
by 13 different women

I was in a fishing village in the coast of spain

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