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Dan Sweatt - By December

These bleeding hands I ll give to you
With hopes of healing wounds
Are left from those forgotten long before
You gave me a little hope

And I know I m damaged goods
With a heart hanging through a bare chest
But there s a million ways to say goodbye
And I ve forgotten them all...

Can you really remember another time that felt like this?
When your love was held in another s eyes?
And do you feel withdrawal even before we part?
And just after you smile...

I swear that by December I ll be head over heels
And without regret
For everything you bring to me
Just look at the sky, the sun won t go down
It hangs there to give us a little more time...

Just one nod in agreement
And I ll feel like Superman
I ll laugh in the face of Kryptonite
Just like we laughed tonight...

And with every whispered sentence
From a mouth that sometimes calls my name
I find myself losing control
And going on without shame


You can find a way to force makeshift tears
But I can tell when you are faking
You re easy to read like I m easy to please
All I need is the love I m taking

And I can tell that you ve hit your mark
In the car when the stars are low
This galaxy just seems small to me
Now that I have your eyes



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