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Dan Sweatt - Summer Fallouts

I told everyone I was leaving and that I d see them in a while
But you re the only one I meant that to, I said it with a smile
I guess I never really left you, I had your picture in my hand
I left a trail for you to follow, my footprints in the sand

Movies in my basement and a conversation after dark
Making out and looking through the window at the stars
I wish that I could carry you home
Cuz then we d have a little more time
Sometimes we have our disagreements, but...
You can t argue with sublime

I told everyone to wait for me, and they all promised to abide
But when I returned from where I was, you were alone at my side
But you never really left me, I ve memorized your face
And it s frozen in the foreground, nothing could take it s place


It s almost unbelievable how long that we ve been friends
I don t want you to worry about a thing cuz I ll never let it end
No matter what happens and no matter what s thrown in our way
You ll be in my dreams at night, and the thought I have that starts the day

You said "Hey" in that one voice, the one that always makes me smile
I said I ve never felt anywhere near this good, at least not in a very long while
You said I was the only one that could make you laugh and cry at the same time
But you re the only one I ve ever really kissed goodnight



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