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Dance of Days - Suburbia, 1986

It seems we follow a smoke trail which fades away the more we need it, to know where to go, cause we re dizzy enough not to remember what we ve been doing. How does it feel now you re by yourself and there s no one else to take care of you. No one brings you home when it s late enough for children to play so far away. The gig is over, and it s so early... I don t wanna go home. I know I ll sleep alone. I know I ll miss someone to hold so much. The basement is closed, all the kids are gone, but I m sure I ll stay here cause nothing is worse than the silence which makes you hear your lower mind s voice. Have you ever felt like all directions seem to lead us to the same place? How great if our lives shone forever just like that fuckin perfect song we used to sing along. Backstage kissing hold me strong while the amps are screaming... screaming for us. Lets walk the whole night, let s talk some shit. Oh, please stay and make me feel alive. Is it the same with all punk kids? Are we all so afraid of our time passing by ? Just one more coffee... Just one more kiss... Just one more song... It s all that I need to feel like the world isn t bad enough as long as you re there for me...

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