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Rainmakers - Another Guitar

I met her in a bar, naturally
and naturally
she wanted to dance
I politely declined, naturally
I said I really hate this band
we went for a coffee at a little cafe
I had more picks in pocket
than I had spare change
she said hold it right there
just stop where you are
not another guy
not another guitar

couldn't get her off my mind,
and so naturally I gave her a call
someone else
answered the phone, naturally
then I recalled that
she lived with her ma
I said do you have a daughter
that's the fairest by far
she said who shall I say's calling
who shall I say that you are
tell her loverboy's here
and can I borrow her car?
oh, not another guy
not another guitar
no, not another guy
not another guitar

she said you boys of song
you're all the same
chasing a dream
that you cannot name
a shoulder to cry
a sofa to crash
a meal and a mamma
with no strings attached
she said you son of a song
know better I should
but you know how to make it all
sound so good

well, to make a long story short,
we fell in love
and she done me wrong
she'll say the same about me,
but to my face
and not in a song

we're both gonna make
that same old mistake
again someday
it's gonna happen to her
it'll sure 'nuff happen to me
there's just something
in that music that makes us
do that dance
in that special brew of tears and
beer and fear and romance

hey, it's loser's night in Teen Town
bring your fake ID
you know you're never too young
to be too old for me
and I'm never to bad to be more
trouble than I'm worth
just another sad angel singing to
the sad earth

well, it's another long night
it's another low moon
it's another long line
to hear another old tune
it's another long glance across
another long bar
another girl
another guy
another guitar
well I'm just another guy
with another guitar

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