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Rainmakers - Skin

(B. Walkenhorst)
This is the story of siamese twins
Where one fellow stops and another one begins
Joined at the head and the finger and the toe
With two completely separate vascular-cardio
Systems going on underneath one skin
This is the story of siamese twins
This is the story of siamese twins
How a man can be two places at once
When he's home with his lover he's away
Viewing through a two-way mirror
Everything's skewing into distorted visions
Of women-for-men
Coke-bottle lenses for the siamese twins
This is the story of the double-life
How you can take one love
Make her your wife
Yet hold onto this image of a fantasty world
Where every woman looks like a teenage girl
And thin is to die for, age is sin
Hate yourself, suggested the siamese twins
This is the story of the two-headed coin
With a flip-flop double-drop triple-goocher going
Try matching wits with yourself someday
Stare yourself down without looking away
Rock-paper-scissors, take it on the chins
Siamese twi

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