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Raised Fist - Envy Is Dangerous

You can not let go of your dreams.
Don't believe that you'll never succeed.
We have our respective needs follow them up it's easier than it seems.
Don't let anyone pull you down.
Envy is dangerous take your fight.
Always struggle to stay on the ground.
Stick together when end is in sight.
Accusations go in your face with disgrace.
Rummours keeps you away from the right track.
Remember the knife always land in the back.
Don't let anyone pull you down to the ground.
I never believe what I haven't seen I suggest you do the same.
I'm so sick and tired of this shit.
Simple and clean this is what I mean.
No symbols to modulate this.
Read it from left to right with no twists.
What is wrong with you.
Do you smoke crack ?
Going on like that.
Talk behind my back.
If I'd use violence I'd give you a raised fist.
Just to make sure that you never forget this.

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